Is Joe Mantegna Sick?

Much gossip about Joe Mantegna being sick and having a stroke are surfacing on the internet. However, all the rumors are baseless and just a hoax. 

Fans are worried about the Criminal Minds star as the rumors are stating that his current facial condition represents that of a person who had a stroke. 

Nonetheless, the beloved actor is outstanding and recently tweeted about attending the National Memorial Day concert.


Joe Mantegna Illness & Health Condition

Joe Mantegna had a stroke, and being sick got people concerned because of the reference to his facial condition.

However, the 74-year-old actor was once struck with Bell's Palsy in 1988. During his early days, Joe Mantegna worked on plays as well. 

Joe Mantegna in Speed the Plow
Joe Mantegna in Speed the Plow

While performing long hours in one of his plays, Speed the Plow, the actor was diseased with this facial paralysis disease.

Bell's Palsy, a facial paralysis disease, can temporarily cause the inability to control one or both sides of a person's facial muscles. 

The disease is supposed to be temporary, but in Joe Mantegna's case, the effects still affect one eye. 

Rest assured, our beloved actor; Joe does not seem to have any health issues to be worried about, seeing he just attended the National Memorial Day concert.

Where Is Joe Mantegna Living Now? 

Joe Mantegna owns many high-end residents in California. Recently, Mantegna listed one of his L.A. homes in Toluca Lake at the asking price of $4.195 million, as per Los Angeles Times.

He let go of his grand property in Toluca Lake as the Criminal Minds series was ending.

According to Variety, the veteran actor owns many other properties in California, including a beachfront home in Oxnard, a residence in Hollywood Hills, and many more in San Fernando Valley.

Out of all his properties, it is not known which particular property he uses for his residence. 

Who Is Joe Mantegna's Wife?

Joe Mantegna is married to his wife, Arlene Vrhel. The couple tied the knot on October 3, 1975.

Arlene was an owner of a Chicago-themed restaurant in California until 2019, which closed down later. 

Once, he apologized to his wife for working on their anniversary during an interview on their 43rd anniversary. 

As for other members of Joe Mantegna's family, he has two daughters with his wife, Arlene.

Joe Mantegna and his family
Joe Mantegna and his family

Born in 1987, Mia is his older daughter. Mia was born autistic and is currently working as a makeup artist. Gina is the younger daughter of the Mantegna Family, born in 1990, who later changed her name to Gia.

How Much Is Joe Mantegna's Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joe Mantegna has a net worth of $25 million with a salary of $130 thousand per episode.

The veteran actor with 53 years of experience has worked not only as an actor but also as a producer, director, writer, and voice actor.

Joe has had a long run in the entertainment industry. He debuted in 1969. Furthermore, as per IMDb, the 74-year-old actor has appeared in over 200 films and T.V. shows.