What happened to the JB Mauney?

In the same first competition of the National Rodeo Championship, he was temporarily knocked unconscious on the opening day of the National Finals Rodeo Championship (NFR) on December 3, 2021.

He suffered some facial slashes after being injured during the second round of the competition.

The fall which was endured by the star rider JB Mauney was regarded as an extremely nasty one.

Mauney was examined by the medical team available onsite and then was treated through the concussion protocol on the morning of December 5. With that, he announced to separate himself from social media for six weeks.

JB Mauney Family Details

JB Mauney is not the only professional bull rider in his family.

His father-in-law, Phill Lyne is also a bull riding champion who has earned himself a name as a renowned professional. He has won the title of All-Around Cowboy Championships at the National Rodeo Finals.

In the years of both 1971 and 1972, Mr. Phill was able to bag the tag of PRCA World Champion.

JB Mauney Net Worth Revealed

Through the career of professional bull riding, JB Mauney has successfully been able to accumulate an estimated net worth of around $6 million as of March 2022. 

In addition, his income has relatively decreased due to the injured that he had to sustain throughout his events. Mauney still refuses to quit and mentions that he's not going to take any pill of suggestions of letting his dream fail by the individuals who do not bull ride.

Mauney is a very strong charismatic man with a courageous will to fulfill his wishes.

JB Mauney Wikipedia Biography

James Burton "JB" Mauney was born on 9th January 1987 to father Tim Mauney and mother Lynne Mauney in North Carolina, USA. He was mostly known as JB Mauney, the brave professional rider who always befriended risks during his championships.

JB winning the world championship twice in 2013 and 2015 in the professional bull riders, played a great role in this exceptional success in attracting name and fame. 

Mauney then went ahead and started to focus more on riding in the PRCA leaving riding in the PBR behind in the past. His dedication did lead him to qualify and compete for his first-ever National Finals Rodeo (NFR) in December of that year.

After a broken marriage with Lexie Wiggly, JB tied the knot with Samantha in 2016. The couple was graced with a beautiful baby boy named Jagger after two years into the marriage.

As for the recent valentines' day, Mauney posted a picture with his wife Samantha, captioning, "Happy Valentine's Day @samanthalynemauney thank you for trying to keep @jaggerbriggsmauneyxv and I in line. I love you!" on his Instagram.