Stabbing: Is Drakeo The Ruler Dead or Alive? 

Drakeo The Ruler was stabbed backstage at around 8:30 p.m. on December 18, 2021, during the "Once Upon a Time in LA" concert. 

From that concert eyewitness, people reported that he was stabbed in the neck during the altercation. Paramedics arrived at the scene at around 8:40 pm and transported Caldwell to a nearby hospital in critical condition. 

Snoop Dogg who was lead the program along with 50 Cent, YG, and Ice Cube, canceled their performance once they were aware of the situation. Caldwell was pronounced dead as a result of his wounds on December 19, 2021. 


What Is Drakeo The Ruler Net Worth? His Salary And Net Worth Explored

Drakeo The Ruler's net worth is estimated at around $1 million. Drakeo's real name was Darrell Caldwell. Drakeo The Ruler is his stage name although his full name is Darrell Caldwell. He had been charged with several offenses by the LAPD. 

An American rapper and songwriter who had a salary of $250,000. He has been in the news lately after he stabbed at one of his concerts at the Exposition Park in Los Angeles. 


Drakeo The Ruler Age: How Old Is He? 

Drakeo The Ruler was a famous and talented American rapper and songwriter who was born on December 1, 1993, and according to his date of birth, he was 28 years old. His zodiac sign was Sagittarius. His religion was Christianity. 

His mother Darrylene Corniel was the main supporter of his journey in his hip-hop career. He had a brother named Rafly the Plug who is a Los Angeles rapper. 


Drakeo The Ruler's Real Name Girlfriend Instagram

Drakeo The Ruler's girlfriend is known as Noel Bianca. She is a businesswoman who has managed to keep her relationship with Drakeo a secret. 

They manage to stay off-camera and keep their love life private. Drakeo The Ruler and his girlfriend Noel Bianca had a baby boy together. Their son is named Caiden Caldwell. 

Drakeo The Ruler's girlfriend Noel Bianca has over 18,000 followers on her IG account. Although she hasn't done much of a posting, her page is filled with loved-up photos of herself and that of her late boyfriend Drakeo The Ruler.