How Much Is Leonid Ragozin’s Net Worth? See His Career Progression and Romantic Bliss

How Much Is Leonid Ragozin’s Net Worth? See His Career Progression and Romantic Bliss

Leonid Ragozin makes a massive net worth as a professional freelance journalist despite not showcasing the exact amount in public. He covers various news and articles at the Guardian and many other companies.

Leonid Ragozin is a well-experienced freelance journalist based in Riga. Currently, he is working at various news such as Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, Politico, Time, Guardian, and Re: Baltica.

Before his work in current companies, Ragozin has worked in other famous news like BBC News, BBC Monitoring, etc.

Name Leonid Ragozin
Gender Male
Nationality Russian
Profession Journalist
Education Moscow State University
Twitter @leonidragozin
Facebook Leonid Ragozin

How Much Is Leonid Ragozin’s Net Worth?

Until now, Leonid Ragozin has not revealed his exact net worth.

But, indeed, he makes a significant amount of money by working in the field of Journalism. He is entitled to an average annual salary of $41,160 as a journalist (Standard Salary for Journalists by PayScale).

He is actively engaged in this field since 1998. Since then, he has shown his skills in writing in different prestigious companies, which might have helped him earn enough money.

Find His Role In The Guardian – Leonid Age and Wikipedia

Leonid Ragozin is one of the skilled writers at The Guardian.

He joined the Guardian in June 2013 and wrote various news and articles there.

As of now, Leonid Ragozin has not talked about his age.

He is not much comfortable in sharing his personal life on public platforms.

Leonid Ragozin is not listed on the official page of Wikipedia. We can find him on various other sites and portals.

Who is Leonid’s Wife?

Till now, Leonid Ragozin has not disclosed anything about his wife.

He is probably married, but Leonid wants to keep his life away from the media. So, further information about his wife is a mystery.

Leonid Ragozin on Twitter

Leonid Ragozin is active on Twitter under the username @leonidragozin, with more than 26.1k followers.

He opened his account on Twitter in April 2009. Apart from that, Ragozin has got a profile on Facebook and Linkedin too.

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