Why Was Goocheese Arrested? And The Charges 

Goochees was arrested just three weeks ago but the reason as well as the updated news hasn't been reported yet to the public. However, one of the YouTubers has captured the video during her arrest.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the actual reason for her arrest as of now without any evidence. It is very difficult as well as not a thing to provide information without knowing.

In fact, the police report will obviously publish about her arrest sooner or later. And Yes, her arrest is also true at the moment. As per our assumption, it might be her misbehavior during the live stream or something else.

To this date, she has always been in trouble only with her live stream nothing rather than that so this time it might be the same reason because of her live stream misbehavior.

Goocheese Real Name & Wikipedia: A Look At Her Background

To this date, the real name of Goocheese isn't known. She hasn't revealed her real name in any of her main streams. She has kept her actual identity lip sealed from the public so far.

Though her viewers have regularly seen her face on streams, they haven't got any clues or evidence of her real name. Moreover, her Twitch and Youtube channel appear to be temporarily disabled for now.

Talking about her age, she might be in her 20s as of 2021. Well, her actual date of birth isn't available in any of her mainstream.

Apart from that, she has received warnings multiple times because of her nudity on social platforms and now she is arrested might be the reason.

Goocheese Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Goocheese main source of income is from streaming on Twitch and Youtube Channel. However, she hasn't provided her real job or business what she does for a living as of now.

As of 2022, she has an estimated net worth of around $1Million from her Youtube channel and Twitches as per the subscribers and the views of where she got regularly.