Does Dr. Jennifer Ashton Have Covid-19, Is She Sick?

ABC News chief medical journalist Dr. Jennifer Ashton was tested for COVID-19. She is not sick as she is doing well, she got mild symptoms, but she is relaxed and fine.

Jennifer had been completely vaccinated, and was boosted but still has a Covid-19 contract.

Drs. Ashton joined Eyewitness News to direct the record in a recent way that appeared on social media for people promoting a faster COVID test at home that includes a swipe behind the throat.

The practice has prompted the FDA to issue a statement warning people not to leave their throats during COVID testing at home saying it is not the way the tests are structured and could cause safety concerns.

Physician, Ashton has had a similar reaction to a recent course, saying that while swiping the mouth is an acceptable alternative to some test kits, if not what the test means, do not rub your throat. "Do not check what is made and designed to swipe your nose and apply it to your throat," said Dr. Ashton.

She says the important thing is not just to do an experiment, but to make sure the test kit is decent and authoritative. She adds if your test comes back positive for Covid, believe it to be real and separate until you get a confirmation PCR test.

Meet Dr. Jennifer Ashton Ex-Husband Robert Ashton

Dr. Jennifer Ashton married Robert Ashton Jr. On August 31, 1996, a chest and heart surgeon. They were blessed with two children, Chloe and Alex.

In January 2017, they divorced. On February 11, 2017, two weeks after the divorce was finalized, Robert, 52, committed suicide by jumping off a George Washington bridge.

Fast forward to today's date, ABC's chief medical journalist Dr. Jennifer Ashton has hit the New Year with a new ring. She announced ​​that she was engaged to Liverpool chairman Tom Werner on Good Morning America.

Werner is one of the founders of the Fenway Sports Group and its chairman. He is also known as the producer of the television powerhouse.

What Is Dr. Jennifer Ashton Net Worth In 2022?

Dr. Jennifer Ashton's net worth is estimated at around $8 million. She is a multi-profession woman as she is also the owner of Hygeia Gynecology, an independent practice operating in Englewood, New Jersey.

In 2007, Ashton was nominated as a Successful Woman by the Girl Scouts of North New Jersey. In 2008, she received the Hope for The Future Award from The Octoberwoman Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness.

She is 53 years old and accomplished so many titles to her name. She is surely living a luxurious life and supporting her family as she always does.