Gabe Brkic Age - How Tall Is He?

Gabe Brkic seems to be about 20 to 30 years of age. There are no accurate details regarding his birthdate.

Gabe was born and raised in Cardon, Ohio. He has a height of about 6 ft 3 inches.

Being a football player, Brkic has maintained his body well. 

His way of playing and the dedication he has shown will surely help him on his way to the NFL soon.

Gabe Brkic Wikipedia Details

Gabe Brkic is a sportsperson who started loving soccer in his junior year. He was also into outdoor sports like skiing and snowboarding.

Later, his interest changed from soccer to football in his high school days. He was into sports from a young age and, he used to be ahead whether in running fast or doing flips.

He has been playing for Oklahoma Sooners as a placekicker. Gabe started to play for Oklahoma Sooners in 2018.

Recently a match which happened on September 25, 2021, against West Virginia, his last-second game-winning goal helped his team Oklahoma sooner to mark their victory.

Gabe also has made four field records in school and NCCA by kicking goals of at least 50 yards.

Who Are Gabe Brkic Parents?

Gabe Brkic Parents are from America, and his father's name is John, while his mother's name remains unknown. 

There are no sufficient details regarding his parents and siblings, but a picture of him and his family surfaced in his Instagram account once.

He seems to be acquainted with Johnny Brkic, but whether he is a cousin or his brother remains unknown.

Johnny Brkic is active on Instagram as 8rkic.

But there is nothing more than that. If we get any information regarding it, then we will surely update you about it.

Gabe Brkic Net Worth And Instagram

Gabe Brkic has a Net worth estimation of about $100,000, which his fans can see through his Instagram posts.

He is playing well and has been earning well from his profession.

The player is active on Instagram and has 15.9k followers. Brkic usually shares his football pictures on his social media account. 

Brkic is also active in his Twitter account, where he has 8k followers.

Recently, he has been one of the finalists for the Lou Groza Collegiate Placekicker Award on November 23, 2021.