Fact Check: Is Lindsay Lohan Muslim?

Lindsay Lohan has not stated herself to be a Muslim woman.

However, she is a firm believer of Islam and her appearance on the public proves nothing less.

Lohan was captured by the media holding a Quran back in 2015 which started the rumors of her changing the religion.

To add up the religion-related controversy, she appeared with a headscarf while working with Syrian refugee children in Turkey.

However, it was her Insta bio which read ‘Alaikum Salam’ that led fans wonder if she had changed her religion.

But, the ‘Mean Girls’ actress has not confirmed to have converted to Muslim as of now. With her sister following a Buddhism way of life, one should not be surprised if she converts herself into Muslim in the near future.

Her fiancé Bader S. Shammas is assumed to be Muslim although the detail is yet to be confirmed. The couple lived together in Dubai for 2 years.  

Lindsay Lohan Age And Family Details

Lindsay Lohan, 35, was born to her parents Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan in New York.

Her mother had denied the rumors of her daughter converting into Muslim.

Lohan, who has been in the industry since her early age has seen her parents’ divorce n 2007.

Michael and Dina separated after their decade-long relationship. Lindsay had stated that she had cut her ties with her father due to his behavior.

Lohan is expected to start her own family with her fiancé Bader S. Shammas.

Lindsay Lohan Net Worth And Instagram Details

Lindsay Lohan has a net worth of $800 thousand.

The actress for over 2 decades and a successful entrepreneur had a net worth of $30 million during her prime years.

Talking about her Insta profile, she can be followed under her username @lindsaylohan

She has a total of 9.8 million followers on the platform. Her fiancé @bader.shammas have a private account with 597 close friends.