Kate Moss and Pete Doherty's Relationship

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were dating once and engaged but sadly they split up. Though they have remained in contact with each other following their split in 2007. They had dated for several years.

Kate Moss with Pete Doherty
Kate Moss with Pete Doherty

The ex-couple have maintained a good relationship since they split up more than a decade ago, with them even taking part in an annual ritual.

The singer, 43, and the model, 48, started dating after meeting at a birthday party in 2005, with had an on-off relationship over the following two years. They were even planning to get married at one point, as Pete introduced Kete to his fiancee at a gig in 2007, but just months later they ended their romantic relationhsip.

The former couple both have now moved on in their life as doing great. There doesn't appear to be any hard feelings between them though, as recently they have kept in touch and sent each other Christmas cards.

Relationship with Johnny Depp

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp were the IT couple back in the 90s as they both looked extremely good together.

Kate Moss with Johnny Depp
Kate Moss with Johnny Depp

The former couple was introduced by Celebrity columnist George Wayne in a cafe in New York in 1994. The same year, Johnny was arrested for trashing a hotel room. However, he had said that he was more than ready to pay for everything that broke in the room.

Kate and Johnny eventually called off the relationship in 1997 but they were spotted holding hands during Cannes Festival in 1998. But, they split up for good this time in 1998. 

Johnny acknowledged the fact that was because of his busy work schedule and inability to give Kate the attention she deserved, which resulted in them splitting up whereas Kate revealed after the breakup that nobody was able to take care of her in the way Johnny did. 

Kate Moss in Amber Heard Trial

Earlier during the defamation case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Amber has said that Johnny allegedly pushed Kate down the stairs.

Following this, Kate virtually testified that Johnny has never pushed, kicked, or thrown her down any stairs. Instead, Johnny had come to help her and give her medical attention when she slipped down the stairs in the resort in Jamaica.