Johnny Depp And Kate Moss's Relationship

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss were introduced to each other in 1994 at the New York Cafe Tabac. Vanity Fair's George Wayne was the one that brought Moss to meet Depp at the Cafe.

Johnny Depp with his Ex-wife Kate Moss
Johnny Depp with his Ex-wife Kate Moss

In 1994, Depp was arrested for trashing his room at the Mark Hotel in New York City. Police suspected that the actor was drunk and had been fighting with Moss, according to the People Magazine.

In the year 1997, the couple decided to call it off. And many reporters reported that the pair split up at some point.

In a 1998 interview, Depp told Hello Magazine that he took responsibility for the end of their relationship. He said, " I was difficult to get on with. I let my work get in the way and I didn't give her attention I should have done".

Amber Heard Trial

Amber Hears was sued by their ex-husband for $50m for an article where she wrote and she claims to be an abuse victim. But Amber Heard counter-sued for $100m.

Amber Heard was being cross-questioned about her allegation that Depp could be violent while using alcohol and drugs.

Mr. Depp claimed that his fingertip was severed when his ex-wife threw a vodka bottle at him. And Heard has told jurors that Mr. Depp sexually violated her with a bottle. In court, Mr. Depp's counsel questioned why Ms. Herd did not seek medical attention despite claiming she suffered cuts and bruises during the chaotic fight.

She acknowledge that she struck Mr. Depp on several instances, which she claimed she fought back after years of not defending herself. In Monday's statement, she made a similar statement, saying she "reactively" hit him during a physical argument.

An amicable decision for a verdict must be made by the Jury of seven. They began their deliberations shortly after both sides delivered their closing arguments.

Johnny Depp Drug Abuse Case

Johnny Depp girdled himself with a cortege of enablers to shield him from the consequences of his drug and alcohol use.

Johnny Depp in court
Johnny Depp in court

In starting 2013, when Depp passed out while he was drunk, Ms. Heard took some photos because he couldn't remember what he'd done when he was drunk, and denied what had occurred while he was blacked out.

When Depp was drunk or high on drugs, he was physically and sexually assaulted on multiple occasions, Ms. Heard has testified.