ESPN: Is Nicole Briscoe Really Pregnant?

There is no confirmed news about Nicole Briscoe being pregnant for now.

And, like announced or stated by the ESPN commentator before about her pregnancy, she has not publicized it on her social media at present.

We are unaware of how the rumors of her pregnancy have surfaced or have been guessed by her familiar ones. And, checking her recent visual physical appearances, Briscoe does not appear to be pregnant as there is no trace of her bulging and protruding belly.  

About Nicole's update news, it is found that Nicole had double knee surgery this year and has walked a marathon as per Instagram photos. And, this does bring our attention to it as a pregnant woman should not run. 

Well, the above statements are just assumed details and might not necessarily provide the right conclusion or judgments.

At last, in reference to her pregnancy rumors, we can not make any confirmation about it as the ESPN commentator herself has not dropped any hints or further indication.

Nicole Briscoe Age: How Old Is He?

Nicole Briscoe's age is 41 years old in 2021 given her year of birth in 1980.

Well, the journalist's birthday lies on the 2nd of July as noted on online platforms.

Nicole Briscoe Husband And Family 

Nicole Briscoe's husband is named Ryan Briscoe, who is 40 at present.

Her partner turned husband Ryan is well famed for being an Australian-American professional racing driver. 

More on Nicole's family, she has two small daughters called Finley and Blake James. Briscoe.

What Is Nicole Briscoe Net Worth? 

Some web portals have enlisted Nicole Briscoe's net worth is earning are recorded in either in half a million to 5 million.

Obviously, with her long-term career involvement in financial institutions, it is to be expected that her earnings are of decent size.

Where Is Nicole Briscoe From?

About her whereabouts, Nicole Briscoe is originally from City in Wisconsin, US called Wausau.