Dr. Phil: Why Was Truthfully Trisha Arrested? 

Truthfully Trisha was arrested because of a complaint that was filed against her. As per the record, she is often seen revealing the mugshots and details of people who she hates. 

So, the case seems to be a matter of cyberbullying so far. On the other hand, it is also believed to be displaying adult and bully content in the platform that she uses.

Truthfully Trisha Husband Sean Divorce

Truthfully Trisha's husband Sean divorced her after he found her insane-looking activities. She accused that her husband wanted her to stop dreaming and take control over her freedom.

Similarly, she reminded him that he is going to pay 40% of his paycheck to his ex-wife. While the husband was out to see his parents, she had a serious breakdown on the live stream that affected her marriage. 


Truthfully Trisha Children

Truthfully Trisha raised her children on her own after going through a heartbreaking divorce with her husband. She takes pride in being a successful mother to her offspring.

Likewise, the YouTuber lost 67 pounds and rebuilt her gorgeous figure after separating from her children's father. On the other hand, she was balmed for advertising dildos to children on her social media handles.   

Where Is Truthfully Trisha Today 2022? 

Truthfully Trisha has come up with her new youtube channel Trisha Renee in 2022. She was found requesting all her subscribers to subscribe to her new channel. 

Besides, she was about to delete her channel after all the mental chaos that she had to go through in the public.