Dr. Betts Illinois Wife Was Shot - Did He Murder His Wife?

No, as of now, there is no news of Dr. Peter Betts killing his wife nor did he shoot his wife. 

Many people believed the conspiracy that he might have killed his wife because of his mental health. 

During the investigation, the family of Dr. Betts said that his mental health was slowly deteriorating, and his wife Elizabeth was always by his side. 

Dr. Betts was deteriorating day by day, and that was the reason he left his job as a doctor in the early days of his retirement.

The allegations over Dr. Betts are not at all true, and even though the investigations by the detectives have also said that. 

Dr. Betts was supported by his wife and his three children, Tim, Anna, and Sarah. 

Dr. Betts was also a grandfather to his 8 grandchildren, whom he loved the most. 

Dr. Betts Illinois Case Update-Full Story Explained

Dr. Betts was a great doctor who was once accused of killing his wife. 

But after the investigations were carried out there were no results of Dr. Betts being involved. 

Also, the police decided to drop the investigation after the death of Dr. Betts.

Dr. Betts was found missing on the 14th of October 2019 and was later found dead in his backyard. 

Dr. Peter Betts experienced severe anxiety after learning about the case and died before police could inform him that no further action would be taken.

There were wounds around his chest and heart, and he was considered to have an attack, but some also said that it was a suicide. 

An inquest was heard 24 hours before the day when he committed suicide, as said by many. 

The police dropped their investigations and did not inform them for a week because of legal guidelines.