Kassie Isabelle Health Update - Does She Have Breast Cancer? 

Kassie Isabelle doesn't have breast cancer. 

As per her recent YouTube video entitled Signing Off, she revealed that she visited a hospital on Christmas Eve after she felt a lump near her right breast that was a bit itchy. The doctor did refer her to take an ultrasound four days later to clarify the doubts.

Moreover, Kassie's aunt, Kassima, died of cancer when she wasn't much older than the YouTuber.  

She further questioned the doctor to get some knowledge before her next appointment. He told her to remain optimistic since the lump wasn't a massive one, not too deep, didn't appear stuck, and was pretty smooth with no appendages. 

After that, she went home and told Terry, but not her family and friends until the next day. On the day of her appointment, she waited three hours before having an ultrasound. After the result, the radiologist then asked her to do a mammogram. 

After the scans, the nurse said that she had a cyst, not breast cancer. However, she couldn't get the answers on its type and all. As the doctor had said she had to undergo a biopsy if it was a fibrous one, she was full of stress. That made her unable to post content on YouTube.

Kassie talked about signing off for at least a month at the end of the video. That holiday scare was one of the reasons behind her decision to quit YouTube for a while. 

Kassie Isabelle Boyfriend - Is She Married?

Kassie Isabelle isn't married.

However, she does have a fiance, Teebs Liebersteen. He is a friend of her older brother.

Kassie was the one to ask the guy out as per a September 2016 Q&A. In it, she revealed her natural attraction towards Terry. On 4 January 2020, she posted a video on YouTube announcing their engagement. In that clip, her fiance disclosed he wanted to bring the question aged 24, but his financial situation got in the way.

He began designing a ring secretly for Gloom in 2019. He even asked some friends of his girlfriend for help. He planned to propose during a summer trip in Singapore, but they ended up in Cuba, where they didn't have a great experience. 

Eventually, Terry asked the YouTuber's hand for marriage in an art gallery. At the end of the video, Kassie expressed her delight.