Dj Fatxo

Dj Fatxo

Dj Fatxo is an award-winning Kikuyu/Benga musician known for his hit Song “Ndi Mang’a.” Besides this song, he has released Kuuma Na Ngori (2020), Uthoni (2020), Tuninuke Twi Kong’o (2020), Inji Ikaaga (2020), Kipgora(2020). He had also released the album Dj Fatxo Music in 2020.

Fatxo used to sing in New Age Genre and use Dj Fatxo record label. He is also the CEO & Founder of Dopeunit. Also, he has got more than 57k subscribers on his youtube channel, which he established on August 11, 2017.

Name Dj Fatxo
Gender Male
Nationality Kenya
Profession Musical artist
Instagram djfatxo
Youtube Dj Fatxo
Facebook @DjFatxo

Dj Fatxo Wikipedia, Age, Real Name 

Though Dj Fatxo is one of the popular music artists, he has not been featured on Wikipedia yet. 

Dj has not revealed his actual age among his fans; however, his real name is Lawrence Njuguna Wagura. He is a professional DJ, a hypeman, and founder & CEO of Dope Unite Entertainment.

He is also Dj at Kenyatta University, which is located in Kenya. Dj was born and raised in Kenya, so that he holds Kenyan citizenship. Dj is currently based in Nairobi, Kenya. He has got more than 7 hundred followers in a Twitter profile under the username @DvjFatxa254.

Details On Dj Fatxo Songs, Mix, History, Home

Dj Fatxo has not disclosed his father’s name in public. Some of his popular songs are Ndi Mang’a (2020), Kuuma Na Ngori (2020), Uthoni (2020), Tuninuke Twi Kong’o (2020), Inji Ikaaga (2020), Kipgora(2020). He has also released his album Dj Ftxo Music under the Dj Fatxo label. He used to record his songs under New Age Genre.

Dj Fatxo released a song, “NDI MANGA,” which goes viral and crossed over more than 2.4 Million views. He has also got a youtube channel Dj Fatxo in which he has more than 57k followers. He started the channel in 2017, Aug 11. Dj has not revealed his home; however, he was born and raised in Nyandaura, a city in Kenya.

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