DJ Antex Cause Of Death

Damian Antoniewski, often known as DJ Antex in the Polish club scene, has died.

He was a long-time member of the Protector network clubs, and he was most recently seen in action in Legnica's Seven Heaven.

Olesno's representative died of coronavirus at 42 just a few weeks ago.

Damian's been in the hospital for a while, and on New Year's Eve, he talked with his Facebook followers from there.

His death news has gone viral on Twitter. However, there are no other details concerning his funeral.

DJ Antex Wikipedia

DJ Antex is forty-two years old. He is the Woodstock festival's creator.

Damian Antoniewski is the real name of DJ Antex. There is not much information in her personal life.

He is most popular among the youths. Antex is one of the most famous Dj. 

His admirers are keen to learn more about his personal life, but no one will ever know much about him since his death.

DJ Antex Partner

DJ Antex's family members' identities, including his parents', have yet to be revealed. He kept her personal life out of the spotlight. As a result, it's unknown if he's married or not.

It's impossible to find any information on his family background as he hasn't revealed anything about him. His family looks similar to him in that they loathe being in the spotlight.

His family may be devastated since they lost their son at a young age for an unexplained reason.

They would be relieved if the perpetrator was apprehended, but there has been no information on the suspect, who may be in severe danger.