Did Digga D stab someone in Dubai? What Happened?

Digga D allegedly stabbed someone in Dubai, according to a post on Twitter. 

However, no official news of his arrest has been released to date. The rapper has a knack for being in trouble and that is probably why all of this has escalated quicker than expected. 

We will update you more about his alleged stabbing and arrest charges as soon as the news gets confirmed. No authorities in the UK or Dubai have yet spoken about the alleged incident. 

Digga D Arrests And Prison History

Digga D has quite a history of being arrested. 

Before the age of 20, the rapper was incarcerated three times. He was issued a Criminal Behavior Order (CBD) in 2018 and had to inform the respective authorities before the release of any new music. 

Likewise, the inclusions of real-life people and events were prohibited in his songs as well. The rapper has been in and out of the prison during the release of his songs as well. 

Digga D Wikipedia And Real Name

Digga D has a well-dedicated Wikipedia biography, of course. 

The 21-year-old is considered one of the pioneers of the drill scene in the United Kingdom. His name is very famous in the UK Drill Music industry. 

Best known for his stage name, Digga D, he was born as Rhys Herbert in London. He started rapping as a teenager and rose to prominent fame in no time. 

With rumors of him stabbing someone in Dubai, this could turn out to be a turning point in the rapper's career. The laws in the UAE are tighter than anywhere.

However, we are still waiting for the official verification of the incident.