Digga D Stabbing News From Dubai: Did He Stab Anyone?

Digga D has reportedly been claimed for stabbing someone by his fans from Dubai via Twitter. However, there has been no release of official statement from the rapper Digga himself nor the official news site of Dubai or the UK.

In 2018, a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) was issued to Digga and 1011. The injunction forced the group to obtain permission from the Metropolitan Police before publishing any new music, prohibited them from using London postcodes, and prohibited allusions to real-life situations and persons in their songs.

After the verification of the rumor from the official news, we will update our readers. So, stay tuned to know what actually happened.

Is Digga D Arrested For Stabbing? 

There has been no confirmation of the rapper Digga D's arrest for stabbing. Therefore, to this date, we can assume that the news can be a rumor spread by his haters to manipulate his fans and followers.

However, based on previous criminal records, we cannot be certain that this is only a rumor. 

Digga was sentenced to two years and six months in prison for his involvement in a machete battle in front of West London shoppers with rival gang members. He's been returned to prison twice since then, including for violating his CBO's strict restrictions.

The rapper was detained again in July after attending a Black Lives Matter event for inciting violence.