Meet Musical Artist Cristina Kiseleff: About Her Wikipedia, Dating & Relationship

Meet Musical Artist Cristina Kiseleff: About Her Wikipedia, Dating & Relationship

Cristina Kiseleff does not have a Wikipedia page, but this does not mean that she is just a normal woman. She is a professional musician, highly specialized in violin with a certified and proven history of her musical works. Find More About Her.

Cristina is a violinist with various international projects, toured and performed extensively throughout Europe, South Africa, and Zambia. She was a member of the band Mike Godoroja and The Blue Spirits.

Cristina Kiseleff Wikipedia, Age

Despite being a famous violinist, Cristina Kiseleff has not got featured on the Wikipedia page.

There is no information regarding Cristina’s age. 

The violinist is a Romanian born and based in Bucharest.

Who Is Kiseleff’s Boyfriend?

Cristina Kiseleff does not have a boyfriend.

Talking about her love life, she likes to keep her life personal. She hasn’t revealed anything about her relationship state or any past life. 

Find Her On Instagram And YouTube

Cristina Kiseleff is active on Instagram under the username, @cristinaviolin, with more than 4.3k followers. Most of her posts are about her and her violin. 

She is also active on Twitter under @CrisKiseleff, with 600 followers. 

Besides, Kiseleff owns a YouTube channel under Cristina Kiseleff Violin with 218k subscribers. 

What Is Her Net Worth? Her Awards

There is no information regarding Cristina Kiseleff’s exact salary and net worth.

Cristina Kiseleff is an Award-Winning Violinist with over 20 national and international prizes. In her first violin competition, she finished 3rd. In time, she bagged 2nd and 3rd prizes in San Bartolomeo al Mare and Rovere d’Oro and participated in Louis Spohr Competition (Germany), and finalist in Jeunesses Musicales International Violin Competition.

Cristina Kiseleff Career

Cristina Kiseleff began studying the violin when she was almost nine years old and had her first European tour as a soloist at 10 in France.

Cristina participated in the International music workshop Ethno with a micro recital in Falun Folk music Festival in Sweden. During her Music classes, she studied under the guidance of a reputed violinist, prof. Gabriel Croitoru. In 2012, Nicu Covaci invited her to perform alongside the Romanian group PHOENIX to celebrate fifty continuous musical activity years.

Between 2014 and 2015, Cristina performed in the very well-known competitions and TV Shows: Eurovision and Romania’s Got Talent in the national semi-finals and finals. During her music career, she was limelight in many media coverage articles. She also released her single I’m Alive, It’s My Time.