Corn Emoji Meaning TikTok: What Does The Trend Mean? 

The corn emoji trend on TikTok means various things but in general, it represents things on a sexual note.

Corn emoji is taken as a counterpart to the eggplant emoji or banana emoji that represents "penis."

Hence, the corn emoji is also used as a substitute for the above-mentioned emojis.

Thus, the corn emoji falls on the list of Not Safe For Work (NSFW) emojis.

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Similarly, when someone uses the corn emoji for themselves or other people, they depict that the person is hot or gorgeous.

Likewise, on the other hand, it also depicts anal intercourse or oral sex, per our sources.

The specific meaning behind the emoji is still on the large as many people use the emoji per their liking.

Even so, it is for sure that the emoji is NSFW rated and should be limited to adults.

Rest assured, the other half of TikTok users are freely using the emoji to symbolize the real corn or maize, the vegetable.

Hence, it is up to the users' liking and decision to use the emoji per their preference to denote the vegetable or NSFW moments.

Corn Emoji Meaning On Urban Dictionary

Corn emoji on Urban Dictionary suggests that it is a vegetable or cereal grain.

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Similarly, the dictionary also suggests that the word is also used as a synonym or euphemism for sensual, promiscuous, or sexy.

The slang was derived from the horror film "Troll 2."

Likewise, corn also suggests bullets or ammunition in another way of slang. 

However, this meaning is limited to the gangs in London and is not used on another side of the world.

It seems a simple word has various meanings on the preference of the speakers.

Though, the corn emoji and word may have different meanings, the fact that it made trends on the internet cannot be ignored.