Celina Smith

Celina Smith

Celina Smith is a model and an internet sensation. Celina is a very famous model whose personal information is not shared much on the internet. Celina is very determined to be a successful model though she is one already.

Name Celina Smith
Birthday N/A
Age Around 23
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Model
Instagram _celinasmith
Twitter @smithcelina
Youtube Celina Smith

She has been focusing on her career with a lot of passion for it. She is trying to improve herself day by day as she thinks there is always a hollow space to improve yourself to make a better version of you. Celina came to the limelight after she dated a famous YouTuber.

10 Facts about Celina Smith

  1. Celina Smith is a model and an internet sensation born and raised in America.
  2. As her personal detail is not available on the internet by her Instagram and twitter we can assume she is in her early twenties around 23 years old.
  3. Celina is America currently residing in Los Angels, California.
  4. Celina is an internet sensation and also a YouTuber who came to the limelight after she dated a fellow YouTuber Steve WillDolt who is also a famous YouTuber affiliated to Nelk Boys.
  5. One of her videos which contained nudity was leaked on a website called Reddit.
  6. Celina is seen very active on her social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter.
  7. Celina’s Instagram account is private and viewers need permission to view her contents where she has 346 thousand followers. And in her twitter account, she has  3139 people following her whereas she follows 197 peoples.
  8. Celina came to the hype when she posted a video on TikTok temporarily which contain nudity got recorded by people and got leaked on Reddit.
  9. Celina has a youtube channel named CEL where she uploads the videos playing computer games which have over 3.31 thousand subscribers.
  10.  Though she gained popularity through her relationship with her boyfriend she is becoming an aspiring model day by day and she is getting more popular as she posts what’s going on her life on a daily basis.