Carrie Underwood Weight Loss Details

Carrie Underwood has changed her body  structure

She underwent a strict diet and followed an active lifestyle.

Being a food lover, she gave up and became a vegan for 20 years now and followed a strict diet plan and exercise.  

According to her, her workout and diet plan have impacted her weight loss journey a lot. Besides her hectic schedule, she somehow manages to work out, which is pretty impressive.

Despite being a mother of two children, a 39-year-old Carrie has amazed everyone with her fitness body.

She has even shared her workout videos on Instagram and has influenced many people.


Carrie Underwood Accident

Carrie fell outside her Nashville home on November 10, 2017. 

In an interview with iHeartRadio's The Bobby Bones Show, she revealed that she was taking the dogs out to go pee, and she tripped.

She mentioned if she had fallen anywhere else, it wouldn’t have been a problem. There was one little step that she went to catch herself on, and then she  missed.”

As a result, She broke her right wrist, injured her face and head, underwent surgery for the wrist, and got 40 - 50  stitches on her head and face. She has recovered now and continues her work. 

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What Happened To Carrie Underwood?

The singer had gone through surgery on her wrist after her accident. Carrie Underwood’s accident resulted in a facial injury, and they got 40- 50 stitches. 

After which, she hid her face for five months until her 6th album, Cry Pretty, was released, and now she has a faint scar running from her lip to her nose.

Being a great singer with such popularity, it was pretty difficult for her to be far away from the public and her career.

Comments like “Where are your scars from your fall???” “Shame on you for leading your fans on about your face.” “She needs to get over herself… This woman won’t show her face over a tiny scar. She’s superficial, no talent.” it even breaks her.

Apart from that, in 2017 and 2018, she had to go through a miscarriage that even broke her down.