Caleb Pressley and Chase Rice Age Difference Explained

Caleb Pressley and Chase Rice have an age difference of 7 years. 

Moreover, the discussion about their age difference became viral when Chase mentioned that they were in the same high school and played football together. 

However, Pressley is 7 years younger than the country singer. 

If you look at the video, Chase doesn't seem like he is joking or anything. So the two of them might have gone to the same high school together as well. 

Caleb Pressley and Chase Rice Net Worth 2021

Caleb Pressley has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. 

The American football quarterback is best known for his involvement with the Youtube channel, Barstool Sports. He takes interviews and makes funny videos with other celebrities. 

Likewise, Chase Rice's net worth is supposed to be around $3 million. 

The Country singer has already given a lot of hits in his career of a decade and running. He rose to prominence when he co-wrote a Florida Georgia Line hit, Cruise. 

Besides, he is also a reality TV star known for Survivor. Chase Rice played state-level college football as a linebacker as well. 

Chase Rice Wikipedia: Meet Him On Instagram

Chase Rice has a well-dedicated Wikipedia biography. 

Also, the former footballer is famous on social media. His Instagram account has already amassed more than 1 million followers.