What is the "Blackout Challenge"? 

It is evident that the Blackout Challenge did not originate in the app itself but had been going on for a long time. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, it was last noted in 2008, when more than 80 people under the age of 16 were found dead in 31 states, trying this dangerous challenge. 

The blackout challenge, also known as the "choking challenge," involves the person holding their breath until they pass out due to lack of oxygen. As dreadful as it may sound, the challenge is most popular among children, which has resulted in at least three more deaths of children aged 9 to 12 this year. 

Dangerous Trend Videos on Tiktok: Explained

The source of the viral internet challenges, Tiktok, has become the most reliable medium to spread silly challenges like wildfire. Imitated by the viewers as a harmless little fun exercise, these trends are seen to be more extreme than it looks. 

The trend videos explained here might make one doubt their common sense. 

1. The Milk Crate Challenge

The challenge involves climbing on a stack of empty milk crates, which does not sound like a good idea to someone with no professional gymnast experience. The challenge should have a strict "Do not try at home" label. 

2. Penny Challenge

The horrendous "Penny Challenge" is not for someone in their right mind. As shown in the video, the challenge is to slide a penny behind a loosely plugged phone charger. Everyone knows instantly what would happen, yet people actively participate in such a dangerous act. God knows why! 

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You'd be surprised to know that it is not only the "Blackout Challenge" on Tiktok that has endangered the lives of children and youngsters.

Numerous similar life-threatening trends have circulated within the app, including the "Benadryl Challenge," where the viewers are instigated to take large doses of the anti-allergic drug to trigger hallucinations. We know that inappropriate doses of medical medications come with the risk of severe fatality. 

Similarly, other trends on Tiktok that may not seem as life-threatening, such as the Silhouette Challenge, Penny Challenge, and the Cha-Cha Slide Challenge, still pose a significant risk of exposing oneself to the dark side of the internet. 

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