Radio host April Kauffman's murder case has taken many turns and downpours with no clear culprit proved by the involved authority. Find shocking details behind the hazy case.

April Kauffman was a 47 years old Atlanta origin radio host and presenter, known blatantly for her delicate talks on military veterans and their post-war issues.

April was found shot dead on May 10, 2012, in her bedroom by one of the servants who called the authorities after not getting any response from her mistress.

April's husband James was questioned at first after the police and investigating bodies couldn't find any trace of forced entry or theft.

James had an alibi as robust as his silence regarding the murder and he was not interrogated any sooner.

The case was solved some five years later after April's husband was found involved in an illegal drug racket and trade.

April Kauffman Murder Update

April Kauffman's murder case has been updated year-wise with new shreds of evidence gathering over her husband's involvement in her murder.

On May 10, 2012, April was found dead with two shots fired at her from a close distance in her bedroom.

The lack of forced entry and no explicit theft from the room or the house threw a mild suspect for her dear husband James, an endocrinologist.

The case went milder after James reported that he was at works and indeed he was in his hospital that very day.

Only after five more years in 2017 would James' name be protruded back into the investigators' lead suspect list.

James was found involved in an illegal drug trade where he would prescribe illegal drugs to his patients.

The patients would come to his office or workplace with the name of Pagan Outlaw Motorcycle Gang mafia-leader Ferdinand Augello.

The drug-selling illegal trade was known to James' wife April who threatened to expose it to the police if James didn't leave the racket for their common good.

Worrying the to be tarnished reputation he posed in the society, James hired a hitman from the Pagan Crew leader offering him $20000 for the task.

When first addressed with the arrest, James tried to shoot himself in his office with his licensed firearm.

The case went numb with James committing suicide in his cell and Francis Mulholland the reported killer dying of unknown cause back in late 2013.

Explore April Kauffman On Wikipedia 

April Kauffman, the advocate for soldiers' rights has not yet been featured on the official Wikipedia bio page but her works have lived up to their core pioneer base flaunting the glory of civil servants and warriors.

April was an accomplished businesswoman, entrepreneur, social service advocate, radio host, and veteran's rights proponent.

She was born in New Jersey where she relocated near the Linwood region alongside her husband and daughter Kimberly.

She married James on February 14, 2003, and savored the marriage for nearly a decade, even after finding out of her husband's illegal drug scheme.

She also was active in the business and brand scene and was a proud owner of a Northfield-based artistic salon.

Get To Know April Kauffman's Husband James Kauffman

April Kauffman met her husband James Kauffman in 2003 and they dated for a bride period before finally tying the knot in Valentine's month of 2003.

In 2011, she found out that James, an endocrinologist was flourishing a drug fracas with Pagan Motorcycle leader Ferdinand.

She asked for a consent-oriented divorce from her husband and tried to involve policy authority in the drug case.

In 2012, James got April killed through a gunman he hired and then married again after just 1.5 years of Claire's death.

After getting exposed and jailed in 2017 he committed suicide back in 2018 in his cell writing a note that he was not involved in the murder and everything was pre-planned by the gang leader who fled the scene.