Anthony Baglione, WCTI News Meteorologist

Anthony Baglione is a WCTI News Weekend Morning Meteorologist who has been working there for 730 days.

In June 2020, Anthony joined the Track 12 team of WCTI Storm. 

Baglione started his career in 2016, and since then, the news meteorologist has changed four companies and four jobs. Anthony has worked for one company on average for 2 years and 1 month.

Anthony Baglione's Personal Life & Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, Anthony Baglione was born and raised in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio.

Baglione left his hometown and moved to Iowa to attend Iowa State University to pursue a degree in meteorology.

Despite a degree in meteorology being a small program, Iowa State offered the perfect atmosphere to learn and explore enough science in the field while specifically focusing on his interest in broadcast meteorology.

While pursuing a degree in Meteorology, Anthony was involved in Iowa State’s student television show. He learned everything that was required there to put on a television program.

Anthony Baglione in his news show
Anthony Baglione in his news show

During his four years in college, Anthony did everything from anchoring to working behind the cameras to presenting on the green screen.

Anthony interned in a big-city market in Indianapolis, Indiana during the summer of 2018. It was in the Circle City that he further refined his knowledge of the craft of on-air presentation. He also learned the details about the features and characteristics of television.

Before graduating from college, Anthony was also on-air part-time at KWWL in the Waterloo, Iowa area. After graduation, he moved to New Bern. 

How Much Does Anthony Baglione Earn?

Despite being a celebrity news reporter on WCTI News, the information about how much Anthony Baglione earns is not fully disclosed. 

Baglione is expected to have the normal income of a reporter as he doesn't have any other source of income other than journalism.