Meet Anderson Paak Wife, Jaylyn Chang, On Instagram

Jaylyn Chang is the wife of Anderson Paak, who is unavailable on Instagram. However, the singer is active on his social media handle. He has massive 2.6 million followers on IG.  

The rapper and his wife had gone through thought times in the early stage of his career. He met his kids' mother in mid-2000. During those time, he had already adopted the stage name, Breezy Lovejoy. 

However, his career was not taking off at that time, and he went to bed with an empty stomach during that period. He was studying at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, but the tuition fees were expensive. 

 He decided to drop out, but the school let him stay as a teacher assistant. Though he had a job, he did not use it to earn as much money to fill his pockets. 

He continued to live his hard life, but this was the place where he first met his wife.

Explore Jaylyn Chang Wikipedia

Jaylyn Chang is not featured on Wikipedia as of yet. However, she also shares the same passion and interest in music as her husband. 

South Korean-born came to the United States to pursue a career in music. She was a student of the same institute where Anderson was a teacher assistant. 

The love quickly blossomed between the two of them. But they also saw many hardships during their relationship. Nevertheless, they have only come out as a stronger couple. 

They had seen homelessness when their first child was born. The rapper had lost his job at a marijuana farm where he used to work. After that time, he slowly started to gain success in his musical career, and the couple is now leading a happy life. 

Jaylyn is now a gospel singer with Urban Pilgrims Church. 

What Is Jaylyn Chang Age- Who Is Her Family?

Jaylyn Chang's age is confidential till today. In addition, she has a happy family of four. She had two kids with rapper Anderson Paak. The first one was born in 2010, whereas another came to their life in 2017. 

She and her son were seen taking pictures with BTS recently.