Amaury Guichon Wife Fiona Bergson

The name of Amaury Gaichon wife is Fiona Bergson. She was born in France in 1995.

Currently, Fiona works as a freelance photographer and a model. 

Besides that, she has an interest in tattoos and inked half of her body. The model owns her tattoo parlor named Imperial Tattoo Connexion shop.

Fiona is a well-known model and the wife of popular chef Amaury Guichon. She started dating the chef in 2017 and married in 2021.

As of now, they are enjoying life and do not have any kids.

Fiona Bergson Age- How Old Is She?  

Fiona Bergson, age 27, started her career when she was 16 years old.

Fiona celebrates her birthday on the 1st of April. Currently, she is living in Las Vegas with her husband.

She has worked as a model with some modeling companies.

Along with her modeling, photography, and tattoo parlor, she handles her husband's Pastry Academy. She is involved in the company and works as a director.

Fiona Bergson Wikipedia Details

Fiona Bergson is featured on Wikipedia bio pages of her husband.

She is very popular and has worked for modeling companies, photography and established her tattoo parlor.

She completed her higher education with good grades, and she is brilliant. She dated Amaury for a few years and then got married. 

Guichon is well known Netflix chef who started baking at the age of 13.

People can call him an artist rather than a chef as he creates incredible art from the pastry.

Moreover, he gained so much love and fans from work and opened an academy for those who wanted to learn.

Fiona Bergson Net worth and Instagram

Fiona Bergson has an estimated net worth of $700,000, and she is active on Instagram.

She has various income sources and makes that much money to live a luxurious life.

Bergson earns from her tattoo parlor, husband's company, modeling, and even as a photographer.

Besides all these, she has her followers on Instagram and Facebook. A certain amount of money also comes from her social media handles.

Well, you can find her under the user name @fionaguichon. She has around 42.9K followers.