Alicia Barry Age - How Old Is She?

Alicia Barry is a very private person. We can only estimate her age to be around the late thirties.

Barry celebrates her birthday on the 8th of May.

We figure she was born in Australia in spring around the mid-'80s. 

Alicia's career turned when she got appointed in Sky News Australia in 2004 as a business journalist and producer.

Later, she joined ABC again in 2007 as an associate producer of 'Business Today.'

The executive producer role was hers for grabs in 2009. In 2011, she finally took up presenting roles in prime time.

Alicia Barry Wikipedia Biography

Alicia Barry, listed on the Wikipedia biography page of ABC news, has been in the industry for almost two decades now.

Her career in journalism started while she was a student at Charles Sturt University.

She worked as a morning newsreader and bulletin producer at the school's radio station.

When she graduated, she joined ABC as an Assistant Radio and TV Chief of Staff. Moreover, she also worked as an overnight producer.

Alicia Barry Husband - Who Is He?

Alicia Barry is married to her husband, and they have two kids.

She also has a stepdaughter from her husband's previous marriage. Her son Hugo was born in July 2018, and her daughter in September the year after.

Though Alicia's husband makes his face known in her Instagram post, his name is mysteriously unknown.

After years together, the couple got married in November of 2016. They will have celebrated five years together this November.

Alicia has done her best to keep her private life out of the eyes of the media. 

Additional details of her family and personal life are unknown.

Alicia Barry Net Worth Disclosed

Alicia Barry net worth estimation is around $150,000. 

Her salary has been calculated to be about $10,000.

Alicia has 17 years of experience reporting news and presenting shows; she has had a relatively successful career.