Alex Osborne Biography

Osborne was a student of Fairfield Primary School, and South Axholme Academy, Epworth, North Lincolnshire, England.

She graduated B.A. degree from Manchester University in Spanish and French. She works as a BBC weather presenter for around the past 7 years.

Besides, Osborne is a professionally-trained presenter in Light Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Music programming and has basic camera and editing experience.

BBC weather presenter, Alex Osborne
BBC weather presenter, Alex Osborne

The weather presenter is also a multi-lingual personality. She has a high fluency in French, Spanish, and un po’ d’italiano.

Alex is also interested in traveling as she posts pictures of her enjoying vacations on Twitter.

Alex Osborne Family

Alex was born to Michael and Julie Osborne. Michael is a former manager of United Biscuits but there is no disclosure of what Alex’s mother Julie does.

The BBC weather presenter lives with her grandparents Collin and Iris Osborne. Both the Collin grandparents are in their 90s and they have an affectionate relationship with their granddaughter.

Alex Osborn Music

Alex Osborne playing violin in a BBC Show
Alex Osborne playing violin in a BBC Show

Osborne is deeply interested in music since she was young. She played music both at her school and at Manchester University.

Alex is particularly more interested in violin. The talented violinist played a beautiful piece of art called Ashokan Farewell for her grandparents at Lindsey Hall Home in Cleethorpes.

Alex also posted a video of her playing the BBC News theme tune on violin on Twitter. Her video has gathered over 12,000 views.

She has also performed the BBC News theme on BBC Spotlight. BBC Spotlight is a regional news program in the southwest as well as on local radio stations and BBC Points West.

Alex’s family is proud of her daughter’s effort in music and her father says that he is proud of her achievements. All of her family members

The BBC South West weather presenter has collaborated with a band to play "It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls and has played a tune each Thursday for the Clap for Carers event at the Cleethorpes nursing home.

Is Alex Osborne Married?

Alex Osborne with her colleague in twitter
Alex Osborne with her colleague in twitter

Is Alex Osborne married or not isn't revealed yet. However, from her social media posts, it can be assumed that she is still single. Further, there is very little if any information about her personal stats but looking at her we can assume that she is in her twenties.

Alex Osborne's Net Worth and Salary

Alex Osborne’s net worth is still not disclosed yet. However, as a weather presenter in the UK earns somewhere between 31,000 and 70,000, we can guess that her income is somewhere between that range.

Further, she seems to be from a well-settled family as her father is a former manager at United Biscuits.