Joshua Sinn Age -How Old He Is?

Joshua Sinn is a great defender and midfielder who is 18 years old and born on January 7, 2003. Talking about his height, he must be around 186 cm, and his weight must be 82 kg.

In particular, his potential development is as a midfielder who brings plenty of excitement around his athletic profile. In the future, for sure, he will become an eye-catching ball-winner.

Joshua Sinn Wikipedia -Who Is He?

Joshua Sinn is a versatile football player who has excellent strengths to compete with others; he has good leadership qualities and showed them throughout his junior career.

He is not afraid to take the game through the corridor, and his team gave him a license this year for his kicking skills, biting off lower-percentage in the ground.

Despite this season, he is regarded internally as the best technical kick at Sandringham and looks good to use a weapon for kicking 71 percent of the time, where it helps him generate 100-meter plays around the ground.

Sinn has an explosive left-footer which busts his open games with skill and speed; along with that, he broke the Xavier school record for the 100m sprint by running 11.3 seconds.

Joshua Sinn Parents

Joshua Sinn's father's name is David Sinn, but his mother is still not identified by the sources. He has a twin sister Chloe.

He is studying at Monash University, and his primary subject was business banking and finance. With his study, he also balanced his game.

Talking about his past or present relationship, he must be single because he is currently focusing on his game, and there is no such information about it.

Joshua Sinn Instagram

Joshua Sinn has been using Instagram since 2016; whereas he is not much active on his Instagram account, he often posts photos and videos.

His Instagram I'D name is @joshsinnn.

Whereas he does not have many followers on Instagram, but he has 4778 followers with 33 posts. He plays his game with full dignity and good leadership for his team.