What Is "ABCDEFU" Gayle TikTok Song?

ABCDEFU and Your Mom, a TikTok song by Gayle, has gone viral. On the audio, there are 81,6k videos. She is a Nashville-based pop songwriter and writer.

She was also included in People magazine's list of 25 Emerging Musical Artists You Should Add to Your Playlist This Fall. On her Facebook page, she shared a link to it. She is still expanding, according to the story, and it all started with this song.

She admits that her project is more than a collection of Yous, but she believes that singing is an excellent place to start. Surprisingly, she got off to a strong start with this particular song.

It was posted three months ago on her YouTube account. She has 27.2k followers, and the song currently has 2,730,952 views.

ABCDEFU And Your Mom Lyrics Explained

ABCDEFU and your Mom can both be found on YouTube. The entire song is 2.57 minutes long, but just one segment is featured on TikTok.

TikTok's lyrics state, "Nothing's going through, so let me spell it out." F you, ABCDE. And then there's your mother, sister, and job. And your messed-up car, as well as the nonsense you call art. So f**k you and your friends, I'm never going to see you again. Everyone except your dog."

Nevertheless, the lyrics' meaning, rhythm, and tune employed in the song are lovely and capture the listener's attention. Teenagers are fond of this style of music.